MEGA UPDATE: Lots of new stuff now, and more on it's way


You might have seen the new piece in the gallery, if not go check it out, but that's not all that's been happening recently. As of writing this, I have one more day of final exams left, and then summer is in full swing. This will open up a heck of a lot of free time for me to create stuff, and especially if you're subbed to my youtube channel, ( cough which you should be by the way cough ), then you should see an increase in the amount of stuff I end up creating. I really want to improve as much as I possibly can over the summer, so I'm going to be pushing myself to do lots of art and other creative stuff every day, and try to have something awesome to post here on the blog every single day. I also have a Patreon page in the works, more on that in another blog soon, and I'm thinking of a "Mart's Art Weekly Newsletter", maybe bi-monthly, but yeah that should be a thing too. I've been working on expanding the number of social media accounts I have in general, and working on connecting them all so I can post here or Instagram or something and have most of my bases covered without doing too much work. This will be critical to building up my following, so we'll see how that all goes.

Summer will also welcome in a lot of freedom for commissions, which I hope to do a lot of, but we'll see what the demand is for those. I'm planning on doing some real portfolio pieces, like spending 10 or more hours preparing for, planning, and doing a piece and really trying to make it look professional. I also have to focus on creating things that are real products, things that people will buy because they are necessary to their needs, like a book or album cover, or logo design, or other things like that, basically making my art more marketable and a viable product. 

So yeah lots of business and skill development planning like that, but I also just want to contribute to you guys, and give the rising artists that follow me, and even people who already have some great skills, the tips and tricks I happen to stumble upon, and the resources I create and organize to help you progress in your art alongside me. So yeah, Hope to see lots of people around here and I hope you go check out all the social media links at the bottom of each page, or in the social tab of my website. Peace out for now, 


Martin Brunswick

Developing artist from Boston, MA.