Two (+2) Sketches + collab

Welp, this is the blog post to accompany this week's video. I've got some sketches for you guys, the two more interesting ones you probably already saw in the video, but if you haven't,(shameless plugs ftw), go check it out.

The other two are, ( surprise! ), landscapes. Any way, I'll porvide a brief commmentary on each, here they are:

OK, about the collab! Llamma Freak on youtube is another small artist youtuber, and we're doing a collab together! I'm doing an environment, and he's making a character based on my landscape, and then he'll make another character, and I'll make a environtment for that character to fit into. It should be lot's of fun, so keep and eye out for the two videos that will produce, ( one next week, and one the week after that ), and aslo go check out the one or two videos on his channel that are his side of the collab when they come out! 

That's it for now guys, see you in a week, 


Martin Brunswick

Developing artist from Boston, MA.