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"Welcome!... If you want to keep up with my professional side, learn about how I make stuff,  or are just interested in art or the creative process in general this is a great place for you! I hope you'll..."


Martin Brunswick is 15 and lives in Boston Massachusetts, USA. He is a Canadian citizen if that makes you more comfortable. He's currently a freelancer, specializing in concept art, digital painting, and illustration. He runs a YouTube channel called “Marts Journey”, where he posts timelapses of the creation of some of his artworks, and (will soon have) tutorials that teach you how to be an artist, or at least get as far as he has. He also has a blog, (yeah just click that little button up there that says “blog” to check it out).


A bunch of my social media accounts! The blog on this website is also pretty active as well, so don't forget to check that out.